• Support efforts to increase Medicaid reimbursement rates that reduce hospitals’ reliance on supplemental payments and protect access to care.

    The Texas Legislature should proactively explore solutions to Medicaid financing in our state.

    • CHRISTUS supports innovative solutions to hospital financing including, but not limited to: a statewide hospital provider assessment, statewide legislation to allow local entities to authorize the establishment of Local Provider Participation Funds (LPPFs), and individual LPPFs in certain markets across the state.
  • Preserve a dedicated and stable source of trauma funding for Texas hospitals.

    • CHRISTUS supports legislation to ensure patients with behavioral health issues have access to care in the most appropriate setting and increased state general revenue to fund a strong behavioral health care system.
    • CHRISTUS supports the necessary state funding to ensure timely and appropriate access to inpatient and outpatient, community-based services and supports for Texans with a behavioral health diagnoses.
  • Support efforts to curtail opioid and substance abuse through increased treatment options.

  • Support legislation and policies to expand the use of telehealth in Texas that ensure access to specialists in rural areas and hard to reach communities.

  • Support more regulations and transparency requirements for freestanding emergency departments.